The Zonkey Might Look Like A Mystical Fairy Tale Creature, But It’s 100% Real

There once was a donkey who had a baby, but father donkey wasn’t the father…

#1. Having a hard time choosing between a donkey and a zebra?

zonkey 001

We can’t blame you. It’s a question that has been keeping millions of people awake at night as both animals have their own awesome qualities. But thanks to nature, you no longer have to choose, the Zonkey is here!

#2. It all began when a donkey and a zebra fell deeply in love …

zonkey 002

Their love wasn’t accepted by many of their friends and family, but stubborn as a mule, they continued anyway.

#3. And then something magical happened … the Zonkey was born!

zonkey 003

An almost mythical creature, but very real.

#4. The Zonkey is just like a normal donkey except that it has fabulous socks.

zonkey 004

I wonder who she got them legs from?

#5. Plain grey is just so boring, don’t you think?

zonkey 05

If the Zonkey learned us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t put anyone in a box. Thank you Zonkey!

#6. Of course it’s still the crazy donkey we know and love …

zonkey 006

No airs and graces here.

#7. … Except that it looks just a bit more fabulous.

zonkey 007

So from now on out, it’s not as stubborn as a mule but as fabulous as a mule!