30 Photos That Prove Chris Hemsworth Is Totally Winning At Fatherhood

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Ryan Reynolds has a tough competitor when it comes to dad goals, and his name is Chris Hemsworth. Besides being a drop dead gorgeous Thor, Chris is an amazing father to his 4-year-old daughter India Rose and 2-year-old twin boys Sasha and Tristian.

Chris and his loving wife Elsa Pataky tend to share adorable sneak peeks into their family life on Instagram. So, inspired by Buzzfeed, we’ve compiled a list of 30 photos that perfectly show what a great dad Chris is. Scroll down and get ready to d’aww until the very last pic (Elsa’s captions make them even cuter)! [Continue reading below…]

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#1. “Superhero camp”

#2. “Nothing better than sleeping in papa’s arms!”

#3. When his daughter told him that she could care less about breasts

#4. The snuggliest snuggle in the world

#5. “Papa working hard on India’s Birthday cake!

#6. “Together everything is better!”

#7. “Papa making some late snack after premiere”

#8. “Visiting papa on set”

#9. When his daughter visited the set

#10. “The family who trains together, stays together!”

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