30 Photos That Prove Chris Hemsworth Is Totally Winning At Fatherhood (Part Two)

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Besides being a drop dead gorgeous Thor, Chris is an amazing father to his 4-year-old daughter India Rose and 2-year-old twin boys Sasha and Tristian. Chris and his loving wife Elsa Pataky tend to share adorable sneak peeks into their family life on Instagram. Below we’ve compiled 20 more photos that perfectly show what a great dad Chris is. So, scroll down and get ready to d’aww until the very last pic (Elsa’s captions make them even cuter)! [Continue reading below…]
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#11. “Everyday is father’s day, especially when we have a dad like ours!!”

#12. “A picture says a thousand words, my kid only says about 4 but he’s still awesome and way cooler than this sunset”

#13. “The engines of my life”

#14. “Enjoying life, best family moments”

#15. “I’m melting”

#16. “Watching Papa On Tv”

#17. “Tristan Making Sure Papa Gets His Morning Coffee”

#18. When He Was Unfazed About Hanging With His Daughter And His Nieces

#19. “Love!”

#20. “Our Trip Back To Australia, All In Pajamas Ready For A Looong Way! “imagine Flying In The Sky”

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