18 Things Women Say And What They Actually Mean..

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Women are complicated. Guys can only dream of ever fully understanding them and most women don’t even understand themselves sometimes. It also doesn’t help that they have a knack for saying one thing while meaning something different entirely.


But fear not. Here are 17 true meanings of some of the most common things a woman will say. Read them all, and you’ll be one step closer to understanding the infinitely complex female psyche.

#1. “I don’t care”


This statement comes in many shapes and sizes: ranging from a precursor to an all-out fight to simply trying to come to an agreement about what’s for diner.

True meaning: I don’t want to come across as a nagging bitch, but if you give me any suggestions, I’m still gonna whine about it.

#2. “I look like hell today”

True meaning: “Tell me I look like a supermodel dammit.”

#3. “How about diner at my parents tomorrow?”

True meaning: “Like it or not, we’re eating at my parents.”

#4. “Angry.. I’m not angry at all”

True meaning: She’s boiling inside..

#5. Hot girls passes on the street: “Isn’t she pretty?”

True meaning: “Tell me I’m prettier.”

#6. “Ok, Have Fun..”

have fun not

True meaning: “Do NOT have fun”

#7. “I don’t think there are any fun parties tonight.”

True meaning: “I want a date with my sweatpants, Netflix and a pizza.. leave me alone!”

#8. Almost ready to go, just gimme a minute”

True meaning: Grab a beer, this is going to take a while


True meaning: NO..

#10. Do what you want.”

True meaning: “I can use this against you later.”

#11. During a fight: “Forget it.”

True meaning: “Just tell me what I want to hear, so we can talk about fun things again.”

#12. “Wow, I really need to start working out.”

True meaning: Tell me I’ don’t need to.”

#13. “You look so great on this photo.”

True meaning: “On this photo I look so much better than you.”

#14. “I don’t care where we’re having diner, you pick something!”

True meaning: I already have a dozen ideas in my head, but just want to see if you were paying attention when I told you what my favorite restaurants were.”

#15.”I have to get up early tomorrow.”

True meaning: I’m not in the mood for sex..

#16. We really need to talk.”

True meaning: I feel like bitching about something.

#17. “Yes.”

True meaning: “No.”

#18. “No.”

True meaning: No, just means no guys.