18 Things Women Say And What They Actually Mean..

Women are complicated. Guys can only dream of ever fully understanding them and most women don’t even understand themselves sometimes. It also doesn’t help that they have a knack for saying one thing while meaning something different entirely.


But fear not. Here are 17 true meanings of some of the most common things a woman will say. Read them all, and you’ll be one step closer to understanding the infinitely complex female psyche.

#1. “I don’t care”


This statement comes in many shapes and sizes: ranging from a precursor to an all-out fight to simply trying to come to an agreement about what’s for diner.

True meaning: I don’t want to come across as a nagging bitch, but if you give me any suggestions, I’m still gonna whine about it.

#2. “I look like hell today”

True meaning: “Tell me I look like a supermodel dammit.”

#3. “How about diner at my parents tomorrow?”

True meaning: “Like it or not, we’re eating at my parents.”

#4. “Angry.. I’m not angry at all”

True meaning: She’s boiling inside..

#5. Hot girls passes on the street: “Isn’t she pretty?”

True meaning: “Tell me I’m prettier.”

#6. “Ok, Have Fun..”

have fun not

True meaning: “Do NOT have fun”

#7. “I don’t think there are any fun parties tonight.”

True meaning: “I want a date with my sweatpants, Netflix and a pizza.. leave me alone!”

#8. Almost ready to go, just gimme a minute”

True meaning: Grab a beer, this is going to take a while


True meaning: NO..

#10. Do what you want.”

True meaning: “I can use this against you later.”

#11. During a fight: “Forget it.”

True meaning: “Just tell me what I want to hear, so we can talk about fun things again.”

#12. “Wow, I really need to start working out.”

True meaning: Tell me I’ don’t need to.”

#13. “You look so great on this photo.”

True meaning: “On this photo I look so much better than you.”

#14. “I don’t care where we’re having diner, you pick something!”

True meaning: I already have a dozen ideas in my head, but just want to see if you were paying attention when I told you what my favorite restaurants were.”

#15.”I have to get up early tomorrow.”

True meaning: I’m not in the mood for sex..

#16. We really need to talk.”

True meaning: I feel like bitching about something.

#17. “Yes.”

True meaning: “No.”

#18. “No.”

True meaning: No, just means no guys.