He Takes His ‘Wolfdog’ Loki on Epic Adventures Because He Hates To See Dogs Locked Up

The joy and contribution animals bring into our lives never fails to surprise me. It’s something that is hard to explain, so I’m not even going to begin to try. Loki’s Instagram page does a lot better job at explaining these emotions than I ever could.

Kelly Lund from Colorado and his two-year-old hybrid of a Siberian husky, Malamute and Arctic Wolf love nothing more than to share outdoor adventures together. Lund believes dogs aren’t meant to live out their lives locked up inside and is determined to let Loki roam free in some of the most amazing natural locations around.

With his stunning photos, he hopes to inspire people to get out there, explore the world and make memories with their four-legged furry friend.

Loki wolfdog 001

Loki dog 004

wolfdog loki 002

wolfdog Loki 003

Loki 001

Loki 002

Loki the wolfdog 0020

Loki 0010

loki dog

Loki dog 0010

loki wolfdog camping


Loki wolfdog 004

Loki wolfdog 006

Loki wolfdog 017

Loki wolfdog 020

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