9 Reasons To Drink Even More Wine!

If you are looking to get drunk and still remain classy, then you want to go with wine. The beverage of sophisticates.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that the list of health benefits of drinking a glass a day is long and getting more surprising all the time…

So without further ado, here are 9 reasons to drink even more wine!

#1. It will boost your cardio

wine healthy 001

Wine contains resveratrol, which is a fantastic cardio helper.

#2. Wine is good for your heart

wine healthy 002

It’s that darn resveratrol again! (Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t drink the whole bottle to reap the health benefits, but still…)

#3. Wine will keep the scale in your corner

wine healthy 003

Wine contains almost 50% less calories compared to beer. According to Dr Serge Bordeaux, wine is also the key reason for the French paradox — the low incidence of heart disease and obesity among the french, despite their relatively high-fat diet.

#4. Your brain will work better

Drinking a glass of wine a day will improve the blood flow to the brain, stimulating the thinking process (even more so for women than men).

#5. Wine is made from grapes

wine healthy 007
And grapes are super healthy; The Romans knew it, I know it, and I’ll just leave the scientific prove of the power of grapes right here).

#6. Drink wine, and you’ll be able to take your language skills to the next level

wine healthy 008

On the label you’ll always find those cute little stories in foreign languages. Drink up and you’ll be speaking French, Italian, German, Spanish etc. in no time!

#7. Drinking wine will make you strong as an ox

wine healthy 006

No better workout for the biceps than uncorking a bottle

#8. Wine is loaded with minerals and vitamins
wine healthy 007

One glass contains 5% of vitamin B6, 10% magnesium and iron, 12% calcium and 17% of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C..

#9. It’s a germ killer

wine healthy 010
Got a sore throat or catch a cold? Drink wine, the acids contained within will make short work of those nasty bacteria.

But remember folks: All things in moderation! That’s what my mom always said, and I think it is sound advice.