Sweet Illustrations To Answer The Age-Old Question Of “What is Love?”

Did you know “What is love” was the most searched phrase on Google in 2015? This pretty much says it all when it comes to the confusing nature of the subject. But while it’s likely that everyone is going to experience something akin to love at some point in their life, there’s a fine line between love, infatuation or lust while daydreaming about Vanessa Hudgens or David Beckham. Real love is about the little things, things that we can easily overlook in our day-to-day lives.

That is why Korean artist ‘Puuung‘ tries to capture the meaning of love in our daily lives with her sweet and heartwarming artwork. They really bring out the simple, yet very important details of how we express our love to our partners. And so, love means…

#1. Hugging for no particular reason

what is love 001

#2. Covering one another up with a blanket

what is love 002

#3. Falling asleep together

what is love 003

#4. Cooking together

what is love 004

#5. Watching TV together until late

what is love 005

#6. Doing nothing together

what is love 006

#7. Falling asleep on each other’s shoulders

what is love 007

#8. Looking at old photographs together

what is love 008

#9. Caring for each other

what is love 009

#10. Consoling each other

what is love 010

#11. Arranging surprises

what is love 011

#12. Kissing our partner tenderly on the forehead

what is love 012

#13. Bathing the cat together

what is love 013

#14. Dancing

what is love 014

#15. Brushing our teeth together

what is love 015

#16. Offering your partner your ice cream

what is love 016

#17. Baking tasty treats

what is love 017

#18. Helping one another

what is love 018

#19. Thinking about each other

what is love 019

#20. Singing together

what is love 020

#21. …Loving each other

what is love 021