Fact: People Who Wear Mismatched Socks Are Smarter And More Successfull

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You might not be aware of this, but crazy sock wearers are leading a subtle revolution against uniformity and rules… What’s more, they are winning!!

Crazy sock wearers refuse to be dictated by social standards, and other people, who aren’t equipped with the same audacity to wear robot-patterned socks, respect them for it. Scientists report that wearing a wacky pair of socks helps us feel braver and more unpredictable, leading us to uncharted waters and, in turn, greater success in life…

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It’s time to embrace anarchy!

#1. Look at your feet, are you wearing crazy socks?

#2. Or maybe you went full blown rebel and are rocking mismatched socks?

washing machine

Maybe your washing machine ate them, and you couldn’t care less?

#3. Then kudos to you! Because you are most likely smarter…

#4. More successful…

#5. And more creative…

#6. Than anyone wearing boring, most likely, grey socks

At least according to an article in Elite Daily.

#7. So embrace anarchy and start wearing crazy socks… TODAY!

#8. And become the rebel this boring society so desperately needs!


#9. All eyes will be on you…

#10. And your life will never be the same, we pinky swear it!

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