31 Things You Don’t Need But REALLY Want Anyway

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All too often, we are told to link the milestones of our personal and professional lives (your first real job, turning 30, your first real relationship) to the possession of certain material items.

We all love the finer things in life, and there are plenty of things we think we need to achieve happiness — but that we, all too often, don’t really need at all. With that in mind we assembled this list of things that we know we don’t need, but really, REALLY want anyway! Things like:

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I don’t care if these things are useful, I want em’ all!

#1. The most epic headphones EVER!
Are this the most epic Headphones ever
#2. I don’t care what it does – I want one!
I don't care what it does- I want one!
#3. My life is not complete without this glorious pencil case
#4. This nerdy coffee mug set
The perfect way to drink coffee if you’re a computer geek like me
#5. This backpack — that may, or may not, get you arrested
#6. This 144-Hour Candle
For each three inches of candle wax it will burn approximately one hour, and it can burn for over 144 hours straight!
#7. This Samurai Umbrella
samurai umbrella01
A rainy day has never made you look this bad ass
#8. This insta-slim shirt
Cool shirt Bro!
#9. Camp in Style with this Grizzly Bear Sleeping Bag!

grizzly sleeping bag

#10. Gotta have these anti-theft lunchbags

anti-theft lunchbags

#11. A Green roof, so I can live like a real-life Hobbit
Green Roof
Green roofs like this have a number of advantages like: energy savings, it acts as an acoustic barrier and reduces the risk of flooding. Obviously the best part though is living like a real-life Hobbit!
#12. This book (that is very popular among designers and graphic artists). The cover contains a hidden message.
Can you see what it is? Hint – try squinting
#13. This Freaky Bowling ball

scary bowling

#14. This amazing Coffee Table

mixtape table02

#15. A Toilet that looks like this


#16. This miniature Hobbit house with a stunning Bonsai

Miniature hobbit house

#17. This Lucha libre bottle opener

genius bottleopener

#18. This Authentic Vampire Hunting-Kit from the 1800s

Authentic Vampire Hunting Kit from the 1800's

#19. A real-life Mystery Machine

scooby do

#20. Or just this awesome 3D paintjob

awesome 3d paintjob

#21. This, to go Kayaking like a boss


#22. Or a bike like this


#23. Gotta love this creepy alternative for the garden gnome

Creepy alternative for the garden gnome

#24. This slightly disturbing teapot

distrubing teapot

#25. This UBER Swiss Army knife. And no, that’s not a Photoshop. You can actually buy it right here
Mac Gyver would be freaking unstoppable with this thing!
#26. A LED Faucet that changes color according to the water temperature

LED Faucet Light - Changes According To The Water Temperature.

#27. This for Mr. Wiggles


#28. This shirt for when I’m fixing around the house

sexy shirt

#29. A Genius Safe to stash my treasures


#30. This Amazing R2-D2 chair (princess Leia not included)

Amazing R2-D2 Chair (Princess Leia not included!)

#30. This Cute Loch Ness Ladle to terrorize your soup!

loch ness ladle

#31. A cheese helmet, which I can just pop on my head and eat all day!

cheese helmet

I want it all folks, and you know what? I’m already wearing the cheese helmet..[/showhide]