Welcome To The World’s First Vaginal Beauty Contest

Brain Sloan is an American sex toy entrepreneur and like any good businessman he’s constantly trying to create a product that appeals to as many people as possible. In order to manufacture a more realistic, popular and lifelike vagina to replicate across his range, he created what might be the world’s first ‘Vaginal Beauty Pageant’.

vaginal beauty contest 001

Women around the world were allowed to upload and submit their private parts to a popular public vote – for their vulvas to be rated on a scale of 1-10. The incentive was cold hard cash, with the top 3 winners then used as the design for the new range.

vaginal beauty contest 004

For many of us such a scheme sounds terribly sexist. But when the question it put to him that his pageant is merely objectifying women, Sloan sharply responds:

“They Didn’t call it sexist when dildos were made from men’s penises”.

He might have a valid point there. And even though his questionable tactics are worthy of public outcry, you don’t enter the sex business if you’re afraid of raising a few eyebrows and cause a little bit of controversy.

vaginal beauty contest 003

vaginal beauty contest 005

vaginal beauty contest 006