Shirts And Bags Printed Directly On Urban Relief Designs Like Manhole Covers

A very smart man once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and these four creative¬†geniuses from Germany did a great job taking da Vinci’s wisdom to heart. See, they travel to major cities in Europe and simply use public street fixtures as design and printing elements for their t-shirts and bags. The geometric patterns of manhole covers, vents and utility grates are often overlooked, but as you can see, they make for some pretty cool graphics.

The team visits European cities such as Berlin, Lisbon, Amsterdam or Paris where the ink is applied to the streets on site, generating plenty of these cool and unique pieces. Take a look for yourself!

street art shirts 001

street art shirts 002

street art shirts 003

street art shirts 004

street art shirts 005

street art shirts 006

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