Photographer Finds a Large Sum Of Money While Exploring An Abandoned House. What He Did Next Is Truly Heartwarming!

Urban exploring is hot and you’ll find yourself wanting to try it for yourself after reading this.

Photographer Dave from Freaktography explored an old abandoned house where he stumbled upon a very special find. Rolled up behind a mattress, Dave found a yellow bag that contained over $7,000 in bundles of old American and Canadian bank notes!

Urban explorers often use the motto:

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.”

And with that in mind, Dave went looking for the rightful owner of the money. Eventually he caught up with the granddaughter of the couple that once inhabited the house. Every penny was returned to her, who in response spontaneously started crying, overwhelmed by this random act of kindness and by the emotions she felt at being back at this house.

What a nice gesture!

urban exploring 001
The abandoned house in Ontario, Canada, where $7,000 had been hiding underneath this mattress.
urban exploring 002
The first floor of the derelict property which was visited by photographer Dave as part of his urban photography project.
urban exploring 003
The $7,000 in tightly rolled bundles that was found in a yellow Home Hardware bag which was stuffed behind an old mattress.
urban exploring 004
Holes in the roof meant the inside of the property had started to decay after being exposed to all of the elements.
urban exploring 005
The house had fallen into disrepair due to the owners becoming ill and then dying with nobody else able to look after the property’s upkeep.
urban exploring 006
The living room had been left to ruin and the dining room still had a bed in it, where one of the old residents slept while battling cancer.
urban exploring 007
The abandoned kitchen which greeted the photographer when he first entered the derelict house, with pots and pans still in the sink and a mattress propped up against the wall.
urban exploring 008
Some of the old tins and food cans found in the kitchen, which appeared untouched since the owners had left the property.
urban exploring 009
As well as finding cash, Dave also discovered a number of old notebooks, which were also passed on to the family member he tracked down.
urban exploring 010
As well as finding the cash and other antiques, a selection of old pictures were also found having been stashed in the kitchen cupboards.