Stunning Photographs That Capture The Unseen Side Of Theater

Being taken away by the grace and seemingly effortless style of a play, it’s intriguing to wonder what goes on behind the dark red curtain. For nearly a decade, photographer, Klaus Frahm, has been taking incredible shots of theaters from the other side. The photographs reveal cascades of seats framed by the structures that house the lights and mechanics of the show.

Klaus sees photography as “revealing something laying under the surface,” and Looking from Behind: The Fourth Wall gives us a rare chance to appreciate the scale and grandeur of stages without the furor of people and props. The series first started while Klaus was photographing a theater for an architect. “At one point the stage was completely empty, so I photographed the audience framed by lamps and structures in front of them. It was later on my way home when I looked at the Polaroid of that scene: the red seats were like an image within an image,” Klaus explains.

The contrast between new and old with warm and cold is stark in Klaus’ photographs where the comfy velvet seats and subdued lighting feel grandiose in comparison to the surrounding metal structures that sit imposingly in the darkness.

unseen theater 001

unseen theater 002

unseen theater 003

unseen theater 004

unseen theater 005

unseen theater 006

unseen theater 007

unseen theater 008

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