This Unicorn Cafe In Thailand Is Possibly The Most Magical Place On Earth

Unicorns do exist, you simply haven’t seen one yet because apparently, they like to mingle in Bangkok’s Unicorn Café. The place is located in the Bang Rak district and is all about rainbows, oversized pink furniture, and, of course, unicorns.

The food is Instagram-worthy, too! Their mouth-watering pastries look like rainbows turned food, and even burgers are served with a unicorn horn. The café also provides unicorn onesies for you to wear while you enjoy your unicorn feast. Not sure if you want to book your tickets yet? Scroll down for the photos below!

The Unicorn Café in Bangkok, Thailand, is the Heaven on Earth for all unicorn lovers out there


It’s literally unicorns and rainbows – everywhere


The café even provides unicorn onesies should you want to wear one on your visit



The menu is definitely Instagram-worthy


And is sure to make you fall into the most magical food coma ever


Just look at this rainbow crepe cake…


Or this spaghetti…


Cotton Candy Soda…

…Even burgers are served with a french fry unicorn horn!

The Unicorn Cafe Is Simply Magical!


*Books tickets to Thailand*