People Are Making Trump Tiny, And Whatever Your Political Views, They Are Pretty Funny

Whatever you think of Trump, he sure has proven himself to be an inspiration for some of the most brilliant memes we’ve seen in years. And now there is a new subreddit page called “Tiny Trumps”.

The rules of the page are simple: only post pictures of a roughly 2 feet tall Trump. What not to post: Photos of a regular sized Trump. The page is not meant to be about politics, just to laugh at his TinyHeight portrayed in the photos. And whatever your political views, some of them are pretty funny. Scroll down below for some of our favorites.

#1. Look, He’s A Big Boy

#2 Stay In The Lines, Mr. President

#3. Tiny Trumps Meeting With Obama, After Being Elected

#4. Trump Needs Help With His Tie

#5. Trump With Putin

#6. Tiny Trump Meeting Trudeau

#7. Are They Being Mean To You, Baby? I Know

#8. Pence Is So Proud That Tiny Trump Is Behaving Himself For Once. He Might Even Take Him For Ice Cream As A Reward

#9. Tiny Trump Welcoming Mr. Canada

#10. Tiny Trump Next To The Secret Service

#11. Looks Like Time Magazine Is On The Tiny Trump Trend With Their Newest Issue

#12. An Adorable Trump

#13. Tiny Trump Throwing A Tiny Tantrum

#14. Tiny Trump

#15. Trump With Obama

#16. Trump On His Throne

#17. Signing Off A Small Measure

#18. Big Boy By Pia Guerra

#19. All The Us Presidents

#20. Daddys Girl

#21. Yuge Hands

#22. Nice Drawing Trump!

#23. Aww, He Can’t Reach It

#24. Trump & Barry On Vacation

#25. Joe Trudeau Meets With Yuge Trump

#26. Careful Down Those Big Steps Mr. President

#27. Trump With Japan Prime Minister

#28. “good Trumpy” – Putin

#29. Honey I Shrunk The President

#30. Potus On A Stroll With His Daughter