The Internet Can’t Handle The Cuteness Of This Tiny Hamster With A Broken Arm

Redditor GeorgeOnee posted this adorable photo of a tiny-wee hamster with an equally cute tiny cast and now the internet can’t handle its cuteness. The poor thing broke his arm in a biking accident, but luckily everything will be okey. The little guy was taken to the vet’s office where they took good care of him and gave him possibly the world’s smallest cast!

Dawwww. It always makes me so happy when people take their animals to the vet. But although we feel truly sorry for this unfortunate guy, there is just something super cute about small pets with teeny-tiny casts. Just take a look at the pictures below.

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hamster-broken-arm 001

There’s just something super cute about pets with casts:

hamster-broken-arm 005

broken leg tiny animals

hamster-broken-arm 002

hamster-broken-arm 003

hamster-broken-arm 004

hamster-broken-arm 006

tiny aminals cast 007

tiny animals cast 008[/expand]