This Wee Tiny Bat Loves Cuddling And I Almost Can’t Handle The Cuteness!

Despite being associated with the coolest superhero of our time, most folks rank bats somewhere between serial killers and polar bears on the list of things we don’t want to see in our home.

But that’s just because the world hasn’t been properly introduced to Jeddah, a juvenile bat who completely adores cuddling and makes the most adorable squeaks you’ve ever heard!

Meet Jeddah, the world’s most adorable bat!

jeddah bat 001
Early on in life, Jeddah suffered near fatal injuries and can’t be released into the wild as a result. But luckily, Jeddah is now in the loving hands of a licensed bat carer.

Jeddah enjoys the finer things in life, such as: having someone scratch his head

jeddah 004

And when he gets his VIP head scratch, he shows his appreciation with a big tip*. (*Loads of mind-blowingly cute squeaks.)

jeddah bat 002

Just look at the little guy… Have you ever seen a happier face? D’awww…

jeddah bat 003

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