Nike’s Simple Ad Campaign Reflects How Ridiculous Online Behavior Can Be

Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life on your phone while you know hitting the gym or going for a run is good for you? That is the message of Nike’s latest marketing campaign “Time is precious”, in which a robotic voice provides us with some pretty harsh facts. As the series of one-minute spots sums it up: we are potentially wasting 32 years of our life scrolling through cat videos on, watching zombie TV shows or following celebrity gossip.

The witty ads will certainly make you think, even if you will likely scroll down to the next cat video afterwards instead of lacing up your sneakers.

Are we scrolling, watching, and clicking or ARE WE RUNNING TODAY?

Are we spending time on opinions or ARE WE RUNNING TODAY?

Are we scrolling through pictures or ARE WE TRAINING TODAY?

Are we commenting on stuff or ARE WE RUNNING TODAY?