These 3 Questions Can Only Be Answered Correctly By Geniuses And Schizophrenics

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People say that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. In this case, the line is 3 simple questions. Collected by BrightSide, they might determine if you’re a genius like Leonardo Da Vinci, or if you’re more of a Salvador Dali. You’ll find all the answers below the third question.

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So who are you? Be sure to share your tests results with our community.

#1. What do a kettle and a steamboat have in common?

#2. What do a race car and a tornado have in common?

#3. What do a shoe and a pencil have in common?

The answers:

1. Steam
2. They move in circles.
3. They both leave behind a trace of their presence.

So, who are you?

If you couldn’t answer these questions, you shouldn’t worry – it only means that you have a healthy mind. However, if all of these questions were too simple to you, it might suggest a possible psychological problem, and it may be a good idea to seek professional advice.

This test is based on the “contraposition method,” which helps to reveal the extent of a person’s awareness. While for somebody with a standard mind a shoe and a pencil have nothing in common, a schizophrenic would immediately look for deeper connections between the two objects.

How can you know if you’re a schizophrenic person or a real genius?

If you answered all of the 3 questions immediately, you might have an inclination towards schizophrenia; however, if it took you more time to think, discarding the most obvious ideas to come up with a unique answer, congrats, you’re most probably a genius!

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