This Is What Teen Bedrooms Looked Like In The 90s…

During the 90s, photographer, Adrienne Salinger, documented the bedrooms of American teenagers, asking them to pose surrounded by their personal possessions. Fast forward to today and the delightful vintage series reveals an unique insight in the styles and trends from the 90s.

“Our bedrooms tell stories about us. They become the repository for memories, desire and self-image,” says American photographer Adrienne Salinger. Adrienne Salinger purposely chose teenage models because adolescence is the last time these future adults will be living with their parents, with all their possessions in one single room.

Adrienne met her teenage subjects in malls, restaurants and through friends: “I told them not to clean their rooms, not to prepare in any way and no parents allowed.” The contrast between cuddly toys and make up is stark and the static poses of her subjects adds extra layer of awkwardness, highlighting the transitional time. Looking back at these photographs over 20 years later adds another layer of nostalgia to the series, and it’s hard not to draw comparisons to today’s teenagers who feel far removed from their 90s counterparts.

teenage-bedroom 001

teenage-bedroom 002

teenage-bedroom 003

teenage-bedroom 004

teenage-bedroom 005

teenage-bedroom 006

teenage-bedroom 007

teenage-bedroom 008

teenage-bedroom 009

teenage-bedroom 010

teenage-bedroom 011

teenage-bedroom 012

teenage-bedroom 013

teenage-bedroom 014

teenage-bedroom 015

teenage-bedroom 016

teenage-bedroom 017

teenage-bedroom 018

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