30 Funny Photos That Show The Hilarious Ways Tall People Are Hindered By Their Height


I‘m 6,2, which I know is at the lower level of the Tall Guys Club, but after talking to a quite a few other vertically blessed people, I think I can safely say that being tall isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong, being tall does have its perks. I can reach the top shelves in the supermarket and I can flip my dog upside down and make it walk along the ceiling while singing that Lionel Richie song. The downside, however, is that everything in this world seems to be made for people of average height, meaning you will spend a lot of time squatting and kneeling while doing stuff that the average sized person takes for granted. And yes, that can look pretty ridiculous.

To illustrate this, we’ve rounded up 30 funny pictures that everyone, who is literally heads and shoulders above anyone else, will understand. [Continue reading below…]