30 Funny Photos That Show The Hilarious Ways Tall People Are Hindered By Their Height (Part Two)

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To illustrate the struggles tall people go through in the day-to-day, we’ve rounded up 20 more funny pictures that everyone, who is literally heads and shoulders above anyone else, will understand. And yes, it can look pretty ridiculous. [Continue reading below…]
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#11. Airplane seats are knee destroyers

© pfeifpfeifbaby/imgur.com

#12. Slides are definitely not your thing.

© benstandingnexttothings/tumblr.com

#13. Your feet have never actually been on a bed.

© lolojones/twitter.com

#14. A “full-length” mirror. Seriously?

© benstandingnexttothings/tumblr.com

#15. Dress shirts rarely fit…

#16. …And you have to look at all those fabulous shoes that don’t fit you.

#17. Hugs…. Not very friendly.

#18. People always ask you to reach the top shelf

#19. Yet, people always make fun of you.

#20. As a tall woman, finding someone to date your size is almost impossible!

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