30 Funny Photos That Show The Hilarious Ways Tall People Are Hindered By Their Height (Part Three)

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To illustrate the struggles tall people go through in the day-to-day, we’ve rounded up 10 more funny pictures that everyone, who is literally heads and shoulders above anyone else, will understand. And yes, it can look pretty ridiculous. [Continue reading below…]
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#21. Wedding photos can turn out funny.

© kkarlen/reddit.com

#22. Some places don’t even allow you

#23. You can never sleep on a couch.

#24. This happens more than you’d like.

#25. You have to be a yoga master to take a baths

#26. Pushing the car seat back so far that you’re afraid someone’s legs are going to get cut off

#27. But you can always find a creative solution

© Capn_Crotch/reddit.com

#28. Just always stay in a good mood!

© Kujojo/reddit.com

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