These Swimming Guinea Pigs Will Make Your Day, I Guarantee it!

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Did you know that Guinea pigs are natural swimmers? What’s more, they absolutely love it!

Guinea pigs are related to the capybara, which live on the riverbank, eat aquatic vegetation, and can stay submerged for five minutes. If you never heard of a capybara before — they are exactly what it looks like if your pet hamster grew to ‘Food of the Gods‘ sized proportions…

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Have you ever seen anything cuter than swimming guinea pigs?

Here’s a capybara: Lets just hope he never finds out about that one time you accidentally mummified the class hamster by refilling his water bottle exactly never…

#1. Have you ever wondered if guinea pigs can swim?

guinea pig swimming
The answer is YES!!! And it’s even more adorable to watch than sleeping kittens or clumsy puppies. What’s more, guinea pigs love it!

#2. All you have to do is teach them…

guinea pig swim 002
Guinea pigs might be rodents in theory, but they might as well belong to the amphibian species. I mean, look at them go — they can swim faster than frogs and are a lot more pleasant to pet. Do keep in mind that while Guinea pigs are natural swimmers, they stress easily and it requires some time before they’re completely comfortable in the water.

#3. But once they get the hang of it, they can’t wait to get back in!

Soon enough, the little fuzzball will hit impressive speeds in the water.

#4. Evolution didn’t quite go the way they wanted

guinea pig swim 003
But Guinea pigs dare to dream big! All they need is a loving owner, someone who doesn’t give a sh%t about Darwin’s theories and who allows them to live out their biggest dream: SWIMMING!

#5. Besides the swimming pool, they also like to do it in the bathtub


#6. Fins are soooo overrated, these little guys were made for the water!

guinea pig swimming002

#7. Don’t worry that they’ll sink

Thanks to their cute round bellies, they will float no matter what.

#8. You can teach them to swim while cooking…

guinea pig swim 004
Washing the lettuce while learning the little guy the breaststroke, it’s so easy to combine with your daily household routines.

#9. … Or bring them along for bath time

guinea pig bath
Candles and incense are relaxing, but a super ecstatic guinea pig splashing around you will make you more zen than any Buddha statue ever will!

#10. Don’t have the luxury of a swimming pool or bathtub? No worries, a simple tub will do just fine.

guinea pig bath 002

Yup, this is what pure happiness looks like!

#11. But the best part comes last

guinea pig bath 003
Dry up together and eat soggy fries. Guinea pigs love them just as much as you do…

#12. So, next time you go on a beach holiday. Bring your guinea pig along for the ride!

guinea pig bath 004
Not only will your holiday pics be sooo much better — I mean, come on, a surfing guinea pig will break your Facebook like button! — but your guinea pig will love you for it.

Do keep in mind that, just because they’re natural swimmers, you can’t just throw these poor creatures in a swimming pool and expect them to enjoy himself. Domestic guinea pigs are not used to swimming and most will find it very distressing. Swimming is something that they’ll have to get used to — help them with that, however, and they will love you for it, especially during this crazy summer heat!

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