Sushi Pie Exists and Yes: it’s One of Mankind’s Greatest Achievements!

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I love Sushi and I love pie. So what happens when you combine two of the world’s best things? Something that can only be described as one of mankind’s greatest achievements, that’s what. And the best news: it’s so easy to make!

Follow the easy steps below and prepare yourself for taste overload (in a good way)!

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Sushi Pie — no doubt one of mankind’s greatest achievements…

#1. Ok, drop whatever you’re doing: this is important!

keep breathing

“Keep breathing… This is it!”

#2. Sushi pie exists!! And the best news: it’s so easy to make!


#3. Start with slicing seaweed in the shape of your baking form

sushi pie

#4. Then cut the cucumber and salmon in small pieces

add ingredients

#5. Add two avocados

advocado pear
Remove the seeds and go!

#6. And because we all love a little spice in our food, prepare a bowl of wasabi mayonnaise


#7. Collect everything and start stacking


Place a sheet of seaweed at the bottom and then add a layer of rice (sushi rice works best. Let the rice cool down first so that it’s nice and firm).

#8.  Layer of wasabi mayonnaise, cucumber and avocado

stack more

#9. Keep stacking…

keep stacking

Be sure to add some sheets of seaweed while stacking. Yummy!!

#10. Top it off with salmon and roasted sesame seeds

sushi pie stacking

And behold! It’s already finished!

#11. Bam, that’s it! Now just release the pie from its baking form…

sushi pie 002

#12. ….And prepare yourself for the best dish of your life!

sushi pie

Healthy, but above all… absolutely delicious!

#13. Sushi Pie = Life!


Bon appetit!

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