Artist Transforms Entire ‘Boring’ Towns Into Beautiful Scenes, Brimming With Life!

Imagine this: you live in a quiet little town in France and you just came home from a long trip. As you walk home, you quickly start to question your lifestyle choices. “Man, how much did I drink last night?”, you ask yourself. But then a far more pressing question pops to mind, “Where the f*** did I leave my home?”

This might sound absurd, but if you happen to live in one of the streets painted by talented French street artist, Parick Commecy, this could’ve totally happened. See, together with his team, he combines the magic of optical illusions with hyper-realistic painting to transform, normally boring city blocks, into sprawling, almost unrecognizable landscapes.

What’s even more interesting is that Commecy uses notable people from history in his murals of the town where they are painted in. Can you spot any them?

Juliette et les esprits

street art 000


street art 001

La galerie V

street art 003


street art 004

Au fil de Loire

street art 005

Le café des acteurs

street art 006

street art 007

Tableaux d’Eyzin-Pinet

street art 008

street art 009


street art 010

street art 011

La fée verte

street art 012

Café de l’Aqueduc

street art 013

Roméo et Juliette

street art 014

street art 015

Les Dolto

street art 016

La guinguette

street art 017

Porte des Lavandières

street art 018

street art 019

Porte de l’amour courtois

street art 020

street art 021

L’arbre aux oiseaux

street art 022

street art 023