Best Life-Hack Ever? Here’s How To Make Strawberry Vodka In Your Dishwasher

It’s nice to know that the earth is round and of course it’s neat that people landed on the Moon: But this, however, is the scientific breakthrough of the century!

THIS is strawberry vodka and besides children, it might be the most beautiful thing you will ever put together. The best part? It’s super easy to make…

#1. Strawberries, what’s not to like? …


#2. …And raise your hand if you don’t like Vodka. Nobody? I didn’t think so…

#3. But strawberry and vodka lovers, rejoice! Today you will learn how to combine two of the best things in life and make your own Strawberry Vodka

strawberry vodka

And it’s all thanks to Yvette van Boven, the host of a Dutch cooking show who invented all sorts of insane recipes — including the infamous, dishwasher-cooked, strawberry vodka.

#4. The recipe itself is fairly simple

strawberry vodka 2

You take a mason jar, a bottle of vodka, a box of strawberries and a laptop — in case you want to see Yvette’s instruction video on Youtube.

#5. Weigh off a good amount of sugar

strawberry vodka 3
You will need at least 1/10th of the amount of vodka, so if you’re using a liter of Vodka, you should be adding 100 grams of sugar.

#6. Pour the Vodka/ sugar mix into the jar and add the strawberries

strawberry vodka 4

There is no such thing as too much strawberries so you can put as many as you want. Just make sure you can still close the jar though.

#7. Top it off with a couple of sprigs of rosemary

strawberry vodka 5

Not too many though, you don’t want your strawberry vodka to taste like soap — one or two sprigs is more than enough.

#8. Now, shake it like a Polaroid

#9. Wrap foil around the jar, just in case

strawberry vodka 6

The jar itself should be fine, but we’re talking about precious alcohol here — best not to take any chances.

#10. Now it’s ready for the dishwasher

strawberry vodka 7

Why not put your dirty dishes in there while you’re at it? Two birds, one stone, and all that.

#11. Let it spin for 87 minutes

strawberry vodka 8

You can also just pop that sucker in a dark closet for a week, which will get you the same result. But, obviously, it’s inhumane to have to wait that long.

#12. The dishwasher works so well because it reaches a temperature of 65 degrees, the temperature of Sous-Vide

yeah science

Sous-Vide is a technique used in fancy restaurants to cook in a precisely temperature-controlled water bath, and thus, eliminating any chance of over- or undercooking. This way you keep the strawberries from boiling, which would otherwise turn this nectar of the gods into a gooey mess.

#13. Wait 90 minutes, and we’re almost there!

strawberry vodka 9

Pour the beverage through a strainer, removing any pieces left behind, and your divine drink is ready for consumption!

#15. If Willy Wonka was an alcoholic, he’d have a river of this stuff flowing through his entire factory

willy-wonka come with me


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