He Made The Best Star Wars Cake EVER. Now Watch What He Did With It …

Given the popularity of Star Wars, it only make sense that thousands of people feature it as a theme for their party. From cupcakes to wedding cakes, we’ve seen plenty of Star Wars themed pastry. But what we have here is the best one we’ve seen in quite some time.

Some of the detail that went into this sugar-filled confection is simply incredible …

But would you eat it?

star wars cake 001

star wars cake 002

star wars cake 003

star wars cake 004

star wars cake 005

And Then ….

star wars cake 006

The Star Wars geek inside me died a little after seeing this … But while it’s tempting to take this gorgeous edible masterpiece home and set it out for the world to see, eating it is tastier and probably more socially acceptable. 🙂

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