This Star Trek Sleep Machine Is As Effective As The Vulcan Nerve Pinch!

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Are you a huge Star Trek fan and having trouble sleeping? The Star Trek Sleep Machine might be just what you’ve been craving for. One of my favourite things about the Star Trek franchise are all the great ambient sounds that represent the engine noises on the various ships.

If you are a Trekkie like me, it’s hard to imagine a more relaxing way to fall asleep than under the low humming engine sound of the Star Trek Enterprise — as you’re exploring the far corners of space. Designed by ThinkGeek, this awesome Star Trek Dream Machine lets you do just that!

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It’s great for ambiance. And for those with trouble sleeping, it’s as effective as the Vulcan nerve pinch!

Bask in the light of the “warp” core as you snooze to the familiar engine sounds for maximum relaxation

Star Trek sleep machine 04

Rest your head on your pillow and watch the stars race by, projected onto the ceiling.

Star Trek sleep_machine

It’s also the ultimate sleep-through-the-night strategy for your child!

Star Trek Sleep Machine 02

No more smashing the snooze button. This baby comes with a “Red Alert” alarm!

star trek sleep machine 003

No longer will you hate that part of the day where you have to get out of bed and participate in real life. You’ll wake up refreshed, ready to own the day. Because today is a good day to … well, do anything, really!!

Edit: It turns out that the Star Trek Sleep Machine is actually an elaborate April Fools joke… Such a shame because I really need this — even if it’s not, you know, real.[/showhide]