This Couple Had The Best Response To The Social Pressure Of Having A Baby

The social pressure of having a baby is a terrible thing. And what’s worse, the pestering doesn’t stop when you do finally decide to have a kid. No, now they’re asking about the second, all the while nobody is to be found when you need babysitting. Exhausting! But this couple decided to respond to the social pressure in the best way possible… with humor. They have been married for over three years and everyone was nagging them about having a baby, so they recently decided to introduce their latest family member on social media. Meet Leelu!

“My husband and I have been married 3 years and everyone is bugging us about having a baby. Close enough right?”

This is not the first time a couple did a newborn shoot in a way their parents weren’t really expecting.

This couple got their revenge by posing with their delicious new burrito

And the Australians Abby and Matt did a similar photoshoot with their puppy.

What about you? Are you parents rushing you to have babies too?