Scientific Study Shows Women Need More Sleep Because Their Brains Work Harder

Does your boyfriend have trouble realizing when you’re upset? Or does it feel like he’s not even making an effort to remember the little things you ask him to do? Well, most likely, it’s not that he doesn’t care; it’s just how his brain works. So why the difference in wiring? No one is sure yet, but it affects everything from men not being able to tell the difference between pink and fuchsia, to the odds that you’re going to piss off your girlfriend when both sides of her brain start analyzing your comment about how her best friend looks really, really good after she lost all that weight.

What we do know is that women tend to sleep more than men. It’s a pattern that occurs regardless of country and culture, and a scientific study shows that it has everything to do with how the female brain works harder.

A scientific study shows. Women need 20 minutes more sleep than men.


The reason for this is the larger complexity of the female brain.


This means it has to work harder because more regions are being used simultaneously.


The more active the brain is, the more rest it needs.


Multitasking is no problem for women.


Men, on the other hand, find it difficult to concentrate on more than one task.

Or do they?
Or do they?

The female brain collects information five times faster than the male brain.


So to all you women out there: feel free to lie in bed a bit longer.


Because a strong woman needs a well-rested brain.