Scared of Heights? Here’s 15 Nope Stairs You Might Want To Avoid…

If you’re afraid of heights, tight spaces and free falling to your death then what is the perfect torture contraption? Besides a machine that stuffs that person into a coffin and catapults him off a building, obviously? An elevator. An elevator is the correct answer!

Stairs on the other hand are not so scary at all. Which is weird when you think about it as over 2,000 people a year are killed by falling down stairs, making them one of the deadliest things we run into on a daily basis. If you’re lucky they have a handrail and if there’s something spilled on them or you are trying to run down them really fast, chances are you’re going to fall all the way to the bottom. And it will probably hurt pretty badly…

With that in mind, take a look at these 14 insanely horrifying nope stairs. Would you dare to climb any of them?

nope stairs 001

nope stairs 002

nope stairs 003

nope stairs 004

nope stairs 005

nope stairs 006

nope stairs 007

nope stairs 008

nope stairs 009

nope stairs 010

nope stairs 0012

nope stairs 0013

nope stairs 0014

nope stairs 015

nope stairs 016

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