Over 25 Shocking Photos That Will Make You Feel Ashamed To Be A Human

These pictures are a true monument of consumerism. They might shock you, but they will definitely change your perspective on how man is treating Mother Nature.

They perfectly reflect the modern day society where everybody cares just about having more money, more material things, without ever thinking of the consequences.  Sadly, destroying our planet seems to a thing we humans excel at and — if we don’t do anything about it — our children and grandchildren might have nothing to look forward to.

Although France and a few other countries are trying to implement a green friendly type of living, by forcing supermarkets to stop throwing away food and to start donating it to charities, or the fact that all new buildings are obliged by law to have green rooftops, these things are just the starting point that can help solve one of Earth biggest problems: Mankind and its thirst for consumption!

save the planet 001

save the planet 002

save the planet 003

save the planet 004

dying earth 001

save the planet 005

dying earth 002

save the planet 006

save the planet 007

dying earth 003

dying earth 004

dying earth 005

save the planet 008

save the planet 009

dying earth 0010

save the planet 010

dying earth 006

Please share these shocking photos with your friends and let’s raise awareness and try to change the world we live in for the better!