The Savannah Cat Combines The Loyalty Of A Dog With The Cuddliness Of A Big Jungle Cat

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Unless you’re a circus performer or a member of a Vegas act, chances are your interaction with big cats is limited to visits to the zoo. But let’s be honest: Who among us hasn’t dreamed about how awesome it would be to take your jaguar or cheetah for a walk around the neighborhood? Alas, we’re all too aware that even normal house cats can do some serious damage when they really put their mind to it.

A big jungle cat could (and would) just straight up claw-slap your face to next Thursday as soon as look at you.

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Take the wild Serval cat, an African wild cat that is ridiculously inappropriate for snuggling:

Here you can see a Serval cat hungrily eyeing your liver …

But what if science somehow combined that dangerous animal with, say, a regular house cat? And then registered it as an official cat breed and you could buy one and name it Mr. Blitz and make it wear a wacky scarf and have strange adventures with it forever?

Because that is totally what they did …

The Savannah Cat, was first introduced to the world in 1986 by Bengal breeder Judee Frank.

savannah cat 002
In 2001, the International Cat Association accepted it as a newly registered breed.

The fact that they are huge and ridiculously sweet-looking is just the tip of the awesome iceberg for the Savannah cat.

savannah cat 003

It’s a lot more loyal than your average I-don’t-give-a-shit-kitty, to the point that it’s comparable to a dog.

savannah cat 005
Their tail even fluffs out and waggles excitedly in greeting.

What’s more, the Savannah Cat doesn’t have the aversion to water that most cats do.

savannah cat bath
So you can totally take a shower with them and not risk turning it in a hilarious emergency room story.

And yes, you can absolutely fulfill the shit out of that “take the wild beast out for a walk” fantasy with them.

savannah cat walk

Oh, and they’re also instinctively friendly toward children.

savannah cat kids

But most importantly, who doesn’t want a pet that can do this?

savannah cat

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