OMG! Scientists Just Discovered That Unicorns Are Totally Real!

Lets face it, the Unicorn is the one animal that any of us would be proud to be reincarnated as. According to myth, the unicorn’s horn can vanquish evil and it’s for good reason that the Unicorn is every preteen girl’s favorite fictional animal.

It’s hard to think of anything cooler than a unicorn, which makes us even more sad knowing that they only exist in the realm of fantasy and our best dreams… Or do they?

Ok, are you sitting down? Yes, well then let me drop this bombshell: scientists have now learned that Unicorns actually existed in the real world!!!!

#1. Who doesn’t want to be a Unicorn?

unicorn 001

#2. An unstoppable force of awesome sauce!

unicorn 002

#3. A creature so epic, it transcends our earthly existence

unicorn 003

#4. We all imagined it as a majestic creature (with lots of glitter)


#5. But now science reveals that the Unicorn really existed… YAY!!

oh my

#6. So without further ado, here it is…

real unicorn

A rather grumpy looking, rhino like animal called the Siberian Unicorn. For sure,  bit of an anti-climax but the most important thing is that they existed!

Here you can read more about the Elasmotherium sibiricum, as the animal is officially called.

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