Meet Miss Bunz, The Former Shelter Rabbit That Is Taking Over The Internet!

Miss Bunz is a former shelter rabbit that is quickly rising to internet fame after her photo got tweeted by Zootopia film director, Byron Howard. And I bet it would take you all of two seconds to guess why. Yup, as you can see, she is the spitting image of the movie’s protagonist, Judy Hopps!

But Miss Bunz’s wasn’t always so outgoing and comfortable in the spotlight. Owner and rescue animal volunteer, Nancy Chen, adopted Miss Bunz from the shelter when she was 3 years old.

“Of all the bunnies I met at the shelter, she was the most skittish and afraid. It’s the reason I decided to bring her home. I was convinced that I could quickly win her over. I was wrong.” Nancy told Upshout. “It took a year to win her trust. It wasn’t easy but by the end of it, Miss Bunz was no longer living in a cage”, Nancy added.

real life judy hopps
Most assume that bunnies should be kept in cages. But the truth is, they can be litter trained and they can become just as loyal as a dog. For over 3 years, Miss Bunz has been free-range with access to the entire house. Nancy got her the iconic “police” harness because she loves to play outside and as far harnesses go, it’s one of the safest for a bunny’s delicate build.

Miss Bunz’s viral success took Nancy by surprise and at first it was weird for her seeing so many people share her photos (and some trying to pass her off as theirs). But in the end she is grateful. The added attention allowed her to show a wide audience that rabbits make really great pets, and to reach out with a message  — never to overlook the shy and frightened shelter animals.

It’s time for bunny patrol!

real life zootopia 001

My goal? To keep the neighborhood safe by wearing my serious, professional face.

real life zootopia 002

Did you know I started my 1st day on the job in a bright colored vest? Like Judy Hopps, I was not amused.

real life zootopia preview

I couldn’t make it to the Zootopia Hollywood premiere, so I had my own red carpet event.

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For more of miss Bunz’s adventures, head on over to her Facebook page, right here!