Did You Know Ramsay Bolton Has a Music Career?

If I were to ask you to name your most hated character from Game of Thrones, it would probably take you all of three seconds to come up with Ramsay Bolton — the psychotic madman, brilliantly portrayed by Iwan Rheon.


But did you know that – besides being sweetheart in real-life – Rheon also has a voice that doesn’t make you want to hide in a corner?!

The Game of Thrones actor has his own music YouTube channel, where you can listen to his latest tunes. The channel has a surprisingly low subscriber count of less than 40,000 subscribers, which is a travesty really.

Honestly, this is like learning about Christoper Lee’s Metal Christmas album (yes, this really exists!). It’s something you just wouldn’t expect.

You might have seen Rheon use his musical talent before, when he sang a song with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi for Red Nose Day, lamenting how they’re mistaken in real life for the villains they play on screen.