It took him 7 Years But He Finally Managed To Snap His Ultimate Dream Picture

For over seven years, Greg McCown, has tried to capture a lightning bolt and a rainbow in a single photograph. The idea has been in his head for over seven years when he witnessed this natural spectacle one day while driving home from work. It made such a deep impression on him that he’s been trying to catch the incredible natural phenomena on camera ever since.

He made some breathtaking lightning photos during that time, but he was never able to recreate that incredible moment he experienced 7 years ago.


amazing lightnig

amazing lightning 02

lightning_strike 002

But now he finally did it..


After he was caught in a violent storm while snapping pictures with his friends, Greg noticed a rainbow and drove towards it. He found an open spot and managed to take the photograph just as the storm was rolling by. It was the flash of lightning before the storm vanished into thin air..