The Pudú Is The World’s Smallest Deer And It’s About To Go Extinct …

Standing just 14 inches high at the shoulder, the pudús are the world’s smallest deer. The name is a loanword from Mapudungun, the language of the indigenous Mapuche people of southern Chile.

The pudú are a subspecies of the South American deer and are generally solitary animals. They bark when frightened, shiver when angered, and do not interact socially other than to mate. pudús are so small that they count the horned owl as one of their predators, and there is a popular rumor that the deer can die from fear-induced cardiac complications.

Sadly, these ridiculously adorable animals are also classified as “Endangered”


Not much is known about the Pudu, and the size of the pudú population remains unknown. But luckily organisations such as the Patagonian Land Programme (World Wildlife Foundation) are doing what they can to save this incredible animal. They purchase land as a refuge for animals only — including the Pudu.

So if the idea of supporting the WWF has been running through your head but you just need that little extra push, take a look at these little guy’s faces!

pudu deer

pudu deer 001

pudu deer 003

smallest deer 001

smallest deer


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