Poor Fisherman Didn’t Know He kept A $100 Million Treasure Under His Bed For Over A Decade

During a storm off the coast of Palawan Island, a Filipino fisherman had his boat anchor stuck. But after diving to the bottom, he made an incredible discovery that would change his life forever: A giant shell holding, what now seems to be, the world’s largest natural pearl, weighing a whopping 74,9 Lbs!

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largest pearl 001

Unaware of the value of his sea treasure, the fisherman decided the giant pearl would make for a great lucky charm. And thus he hid it under the bed of his dilapidated house, where it stayed for over a decade. It wasn’t until a fire almost destroyed his house in 2016 that he had to move the pearl. It was a day that changed everything… He gave the pearl for safekeeping to Aileen Amurao, a city tourism officer who had it appraised and lo and behold! It was estimated to be worth $100 million!

largest pearl 002

In comparison, the Pearl of Allah was previously considered the world’s largest pearl. This beautiful behemoth, however, is almost six times its size with dimensions of 67 cm in length and 30 cm in width.

largest pearl 003

The pearl has now been turned over to the Puerto Princesa City Tourism Office where it will be on display for all the world to see. Besides its beautiful beaches, the Philippine city of Puerto Princesa now has another natural treasure to amaze tourists with.

But wait, turned it over to the government… did the fisherman get anything out of it, you wonder? A spokesman for the Puerto Princesa government says that he hasn’t signed it over to the city. “It remains his property,” the spokesman says, confirming that the fisherman can be in for one extraordinary windfall.[/expand]