These Service Dogs In China Have Better Table Manners Than You’ll Ever Have!

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Remarkable discipline is one of the key attributes of the Chinese army and their police departments, and dogs make no exception here, by patiently waiting in line with their bowls to get a piece of that delicious nutritious dog chow!

These dogs are trained to sniff bombs, drug searching, to turn lights on and off and to save people from deadly situations.

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They are trained for four hours everyday, and the rest of the day the dog trainers feed them and play with them to build up relationships with the dogs.

He’ll be chewing on a bad guys arm in no time

Chinese police dog


chinese police dog 003

Flying high: The pooches are trained to an impeccable standard at police dog academies across China

police dogs 005

Alrighty then, lets go home lil’ buddy

chinese police dog 004

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