12 Photos That Prove There’s Still A Place For Kindness In This World

What once were never-ending fields ruled by animals, now are urban jungle run by men in gray suits. With us reclaiming more and more land to build yet another mall or amusement park, the four-legged inhabitants are getting squeezed into tiny, saddening areas and have a hard time adapting to the new world. All kinds of creatures are pushed out of their comfort zone and way too many of them never reach the other side of the road because we like to drive fast. Thankfully, there are still people that care deeply about our furry neighbors and go above and beyond to make their lives better.

The Bright Side gathered some examples of thoughtful inventions that have been created to help animals survive in the modern world.

Scroll down for 12 pics that will restore your faith in humanity!

#1. Airport for birds, Lithuania


“Airport for the birds” is one of the signs from a small project called TinyRoadSign. Creative agency CLINIC 212 installed tiny signs for animals to remind people that they’re not the only inhabitants of the city.

#2. Apartment complexes for birds in London parks

animal-welfare-faith-humanity-restored-4London Fieldworks

Artists Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson teamed up for an environmental project and built unusual ‘hotels’ for birds and installed them in various London parks.

#3. Feeders for hummingbirds, Georgia, USA


In Costa Rica, Georgia (USA), and other regions, people design hummingbird feeders in red on purpose – the vibrant color attracts birds to nectar.

#4. A bridge for forest creatures, Canada

animal-welfare-faith-humanity-restored-1Joel Sartore

Wild animals in Banff National Park, Canada can cross a busy highway safely thanks to this overpass.

#5. Turtle tunnels, Honshu Island, Japan


The West Japan Railway Company built a special tunnel for turtles that they would not be hurt by train wheels.

#6. Crosswalk for hedgehogs, Lithuania


Another example from the aforementioned TinyRoadSign project – a zebra crossing for hedgehogs to remind the drivers of our spiky little friends.

#7. A swimming pool for elephants in a safari park, Japan

animal-welfare-faith-humanity-restored-10Koji Ueda 

Elephants can cool down in a 65-meter-long swimming pool built specially for them in a safari park at the foot of Mount Fuji.

#8. Towpaths for ducks, UK

animal-welfare-faith-humanity-restored-12Canal & River Trust

Canal & River Trust, a charitable foundation, came up with towpaths for ducks on the roads along the lakes to remind people about caring for nature.

#9. A vending machine that gives food to homeless animals


This vending machine made by a Turkish company Pugedon helps to distribute food to strays in China. Not only it feeds the poor homeless animals, it’s also environmentally friendly – you need to insert 1 plastic bottle to get 20 g of food. Brilliant!

#10. A bridge for crabs’ migration, Australia


This construction helps to support the unique migration of millions of red crabs on Christmas Island.

#11. Dog ‘parking’


One German IKEA installed parking are for dogs so that they owners wouldn’t have to leave their four-legged friends in cars.

#12. A tunnel for animals under the highway, Finland


This life-saving tunnel under a high-speed highway was built in Finland so that forest inhabitants could pass through it safely at any time.