Pink Dolphins Are Totally Real And They Are Fabulous!

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The Pink Dolphin, also known as the Amazon river dolphin, is a freshwater dolphin that any My Little Pony fan would be proud to be reincarnated as.

It possesses a brain 40 percent larger than a human’s and is rumored to be quite the devil with local ladies. Also, it’s pink. Really, really pink.

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Have you ever seen anything more fabulous than a pink dolphin?!

The Pink Dolphin looks like it swam right out of a cartoon.

pink dolphins

With that happy smile on its face..

pink dolphin 003


pink dolphin 004

…And hopping through life.

pink dolphin 05

Just look at that happy face!

smiling dolphin

They are actually albino Dolphins…

pink dolphin 007

…Which only makes them cooler.

pink dolphin 008

They are extremely rare, but there are still a few left in the Amazon river.

pink dolphin 009

They are rumored to be quite the devil with local ladies.

pink dolphin 00010

But if you are a Caiman or Piranha — be afraid, be VERY afraid…

pink dolphin

…While this pink Cadillac of the Amazonia appears as harmless as it is adorable, it is a skilled hunter and possesses a particular taste for piranha flesh!

pink dolphin attack

Wait … no! It’s not supposed to go this way. Mommy!


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