Something Is Not Right With This Wall. You’ll Either Spot ‘It’ Immediately Or Not At All

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Last week, Arron Bevin, posted this photo on Facebook. At first glance, it looks like just an ordinary brick wall, but look closer and things are not what it seems. Some people will see it immediately and probably think it’s the worst optical illusion ever. While others (me included) can stare for hours; seeing nothing but a brick wall until someone points it out. Can you see it? [Continue reading below…]

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Something is not right with this wall…

optical illusion 001

Can’t see it? What if we zoom in a bit…

optical illusion 003

…Still nothing? Someone even photoshopped a shadow for those still struggling to see it.

optical illusion 004

Do you see it now? It’s a big ol’ cigar sticking out of the wall! If you noticed this immediately, kudos to you! You can proceed directly to eye-roll, shake your head and bask in your keen eyesight. If you didn’t, don’t feel too bad — I had to stare at this picture for 30 minutes before my brain understood what was going on…

And now that you see it, it can not be unseen!

optical illusion 005

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