30 Hilariously Relatable “Oh No” Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Life As An Adult

Life is full of surprises and I bet we’ve all experienced our fair share of “oh no” moments — which is any moment that makes you say that. Uk-based artist, Alex Norris, brilliantly captures these awkward moments in his funny and highly relatable “Oh No” series. The star of these 3-panel wonders is a tiny pink blob who faces everyday challenges and annoyances, from social anxiety to public transport love, but fails in hilarious fashion before hitting us with its trademark punchline – “oh no”.

The simplistic presentation and relatable nature of the cartoons make them utterly hilarious, but they also tackle a big social issue — gender. “Rather than being either a male or a female or neither I like to think of the blob as everything at once: “genderful” rather than genderless,” Alex told Bored Panda. “The blob is the most relatable character possible.” This means that readers of all identities can happily access its unfortunate adventures.

Maybe one day the silly pink blob will get its act together, but for now, enjoy some of its most hilarious mishaps below.











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