Go Completely Insane With This OCD Challenge!

We live in the Age of Awkward. It’s hip to be square, cool to be uncool, and sexy to be nerdy (and above all, quirky). And there’s no better way to assert your individuality and weirdness than branding yourself “so OCD” about something

But truly OCD or not, the OCD in you will really go nuts seeing these photos.

Would you refuse to eat it?!

OCD Challenge 01


OCD Challenge 02

Are you going to make the effort of taking that blue piece to its rightful place?

OCD test


OCD Challenge 03


annoying-OCD 004

Can we please swap the two dogs in the front?

annoying-OCD 005

That is just painful…

annoying-OCD 006

How could you?!

annoying-OCD 007

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to eat Kit Kat!

annoying-OCD 008


annoying-OCD 009

All light are on but there is still is something horribly wrong about this …

annoying-OCD 010

Why not make it $40 to be exact?

annoying-OCD 011

Nice garden! Until you see the top view, that is…

annoying-OCD 012

You had one task…

annoying-OCD 013

So close, yet so far …

annoying-OCD 014

But.. why?!

annoying-OCD 015

Could you please replace the inverted piece?

annoying-OCD 016

You’re not supposed to eat them like that!

annoying-OCD 017

So, how OCD are you? Let us know by dropping a comment below 🙂