11 Of The Most Notorious Sex Scandals Between Teachers And Students

The stories come up regularly: a teacher who has sex or even a relationship with one of her students. Although this might sound like a fantasy for most hormone raging male teenagers, this is illegal, especially if the student is currently a minor.

Yet, it still happens and especially in America, high prison sentences are handed out. Here we’ve rounded up 11 of the most notorious sex scandals where the details of the stories are as weird as they are fascinating.

#1. Abbie-Jane Swogger

Abbie-Jane Swogger

Having started her career as a stripper, this lady suddenly decided on a career change and became a teacher. During a wild party she ended up having sex with her 17-year-old student. She wasn’t aware that she did anything wrong and even tried to involve two other students in the lovemaking. Currently she is serving a 36 year prison sentence. Not just for sex with a minor but also for drug possession and trafficking.

#2. Brittni Colleps

Brittni Colleps

This teacher had sex with four of her students at once. She could not deny the charges, since one of the “victims” had recorded it all on video. During the trial, she tried to take on the victim role, but it didn’t prevent her from going to prison for 5 years. The students were all of the age of consent, but engaging in sexual acts with a student remains illegal.

#3. Carrie McCandless

Carrie McCandless

This blonde took it way too far with her ​​17-year-old student Tommy Clay. Although it was a one-time thing, she also disappeared behind bars. Partly because she had provided the student with alcohol.

#4. Debra Lafave

Debra Lafave

This ravishing blonde had sex with a 14 year old student and is the only one on the list who got away with it. Wait.. what? Yes, her lawyer (who may or may not be called Saul) felt that placing such a desirable blonde in front of classroom was like dangling a piece of meat in front of the lions. She eventually got off with house arrest and probation.

#5. Jennifer Mally

Jennifer Mally

This married teacher had sex with one of her students and went away for six months in prison. Strangely, her husband supported and stood by her side during the trial. She pleaded guilty but came off lightly because it was believed she suffered from low self esteem.

#6. Kelvin Loraine

Kelvin Loraine

The only man on the list! He got suspended for life after having an affair with his 16-year-old student. Even though the student is of the age of consent, the sexual advances started when she was 15.

#7. Laura Whitehurst


Laura was a teacher at Citrus Valley High School in Redlands before she was accused of having sex with three of her students. She has a baby from one of them, although custody lies with her ​​parents. After serving a one year prison sentence, she was recently released and is only allowed written contact with the father of her child.

#8. Mary Kay Letourneau


An affair with a 13-year-old student (Vili Fualaau) landed this lady in prison for seven years. This is an unusual love story though. They were deeply in love and they waited for each other for seven years. After released from prison they got married and currently have two children.

#9. Pamela Smart

pamela smart

One of the most intense stories that appeared in the news. Her teenage lover helped with the murder of her husband. He was sentenced for 25 years, while Pamela Smart is serving a life sentence. Smart admitted the affair but said she never wanted the boy to get involved in the murder of her husband.

#10. Shannon Lynn Best

Shannon Lynn Best

Shannon had a sexual encounter with one of her female student when she herself was 28 years old. The student was 18, but a teacher-student relationship is punishable anyway. The mother of the student found out about the relationship after discovering some steamy photos on her daughter’s phone.

#11. Shelley Dufresne & Rachel Repress

Shelley Dufresne & Rachel Repress

A threesome with two sexy teachers, it happened to a 16-year old student from Destrehan High School. Unfortunately for them, the boy was so proud that he started bragging about it. And so it didn’t take long before the girls were caught. The lawsuit is still pending.