A Muslim-Owned Restaurant Is Inviting Homeless People For A Free Meal On Christmas

A Muslim-owned Shish Restaurant in London decided to celebrate Christmas with a loving act of charity. The restaurant, based in Sidcup, is offering free meals to the homeless on Christmas day.

“No one eats alone on Christmas Day,” the restaurant said in a flyer advertising the offer. “We are here to sit with you.”

The homeless and elderly will be able to enjoy a free three-course meal, with a main course choice of vegetarian casserole, chicken casserole or chicken shish (grilled chicken served on skewers), along with soup or cacik (Turkish yoghurt) and a dessert of rice pudding.


The Muslim-owned Shish Restaurant in Sidcup, southeast London, has said it will provide homeless and elderly people with a free three-course Christmas dinner this year. “No one eats alone on Christmas Day,” it said in a leaflet. “We are here to sit with you.”


Hasan Masud, who works at Shish Restaurant, told BuzzFeed News: “We’re just helping people.” He said the team at Shish also wanted to open their doors to the elderly because “lots of people stay home alone for Christmas… They don’t need to. They can come here and have some fun.”


Since announcing their Christmas gesture, Masud said, “there’s been a lot of love” sent their way. A tweet about the invitation has been retweeted more than 9,657 times.


People on social media just love what they’re doing.


They hope the restaurant’s small act of kindness will influence others to do the same.


People have described the people at Shish as superheroes.


Masud said the company hopes to provide the same service again next year.