Muhammad Ali’s Grandson Just Signed A Modeling Contract. Look At Him Now!

If someone asked you to name the greatest boxer of all time, it would probably take you about three seconds to come up with Muhammad Ali — the greatest sports icon of the 20th century who floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee and made it look way more badass than it sounds.

But besides being the greatest boxers of all time, Ali also liked to brag about his looks and was famous for saying things like, “I’m pretty as a girl!”. And who can blame him? He was one fine looking man. But now another member of his family is making waves because of his good looks.

His 17-year old grandson, Biaggio Ali Walsh, just signed a contract with Wilhelmina modeling agency — one of the top modeling agencies in the world.

muhammad ali grandson 003

‘He has a great look. He’s a well-rounded person. That’s what we look for.’ A Wilhelmina official told TMZ, adding that he will not only be pursuing modelling but ‘film, TV, commercial, print….everything.’

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muhammad ali grandson 004

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After Muhammed Ali passed away, he posted a very sweet tribute to his grandfather on Instagram:

‘You are the greatest person to walk the face of the Earth. Your dedication and hard work inspired the entire world. You are my idol and it’s not often that your idol is also your relative. You are in a better place and you are no longer suffering now. God Bless you forever. The Greatest Of All Time. My Poppy…I Love you.’

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