20+ Of The Funniest, Most Spectacular Kitchen Fails Ever

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Making your own food isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’re one of those people and maybe you are better off calling for a pizza sometimes. But no matter how culinary handicapped you think you are, remember that it can always be worse… Just have a look at this hilarious list of epic cooking fails compiled by Bored Panda and we’re sure you’ll instantly feel better about your own inadequacies in the kitchen. All of these people probably entered the kitchen with high hopes, only to have them crushed by their utter inability to execute properly; resulting in some of the most phenomenal kitchen fails in cooking history.

In a way, we feel sorry them. After all, we’ve all experienced our share of cooking fails in our lives. But, let’s just hope they’ve at least learned their lesson. And for the love of god, let’s hope we’ll never see something like #21 ever again!
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#1. Bread’s Curse

#2. So A Friend Of My Girlfriend Made A Cake For Her Daughters Birthday Party. One Of The Kids Started Crying Because It Was So Ugly

#3. My Eggs With Rice This Morning

#4.Oh God, Please Kill Me

#5. I Forgot I Was Making Caramel At Work. It’s A Tad Overcooked

#6. Pressure Cooker Nightmare

#7. Monkey Business

#8. Baker Lost Something. Wonder If He Noticed Or Not

#9. Pizza Fail

#10. My Wife Came Home To This

#11. Tried To Make Chocolate-covered Bananas

#12. This Is What Defeat Looks Like

#13. Got Drunk, Got Hungry, Fell Asleep

#14. Brownie Out Of A Cup – Level: Hiroshima

#15. We Ran Out Of Cooking Chocolate For The Cake For Mother’s Day, We Improvised, I Felt Like A Monster

#16. Slight Kitchen Mishap

#17. Meatloaf Baby From Your Nightmares

#18. The Snowman Came Out A Little Differently Than Expected

#19. A Friend Of Mine Made This. The Eyes Slid Mid-Way Through Cooking The Thing

#20. Pancake Goals

#21. This Spongebob cake will haunt my dreams until the end of time.

#22. Nuclear Lunch Detected

#23. This Is Why I Don’t Cook

#24. Points for Creativity

#26. Cthulhu Pie Crust. Nailed It

#27. Maybe We Should Buy A Rice Cooker